CSBGU Elections for 2017/2018

Dear CSB graduate students,

We are approaching the beginning of a new academic year and as a result we are recruiting CSB Graduate Union (CSBGU) members for the executive team. It is a great opportunity for you to become involved with your department, gain leadership experience, and add something to your CV.

The following positions are available with a written statement outlining the major responsibilities:

 2 Co-presidents-  One from RW and one from ESB. As co-president of the CSBGU, you are responsible for working with the other co-president, ensuring the team has the support and resources they need to succeed! This includes planning and organizing meetings, ensuring that CSB events are scheduled throughout the year, and following up with members of the executive team to keep everything on track. Your job as a leader is to be the backdrop upon which your team achieves their goals: you provide project management and moral support to your team to make the CSB graduate student experience the best it can be!

 1 Secretary– The task of the Secretary is to attend all CSBGU meetings and take notes during them. The notes, which may include attendance, discussion, and results of internal votes, should be distributed to all CSBGU executive members in a timely manner.

 1 Treasurer– Responsible for keeping track of CSBGU finances and approve all financial transactions.

 1 CUPE Representative– Responsible for attending CUPE meetings and dealing with CUPE-related issues.

2 GSU Representatives– Elected GSU representatives act as liaisons between CSB graduate students and the UTGSU. They attend monthly UTGSU Council meetings, where they partake in decision making on matters relating to graduate students and voice concerns of CSB grads. GSU reps receive a mailout including meeting agendas before every council meeting and are required to disseminate relevant information to graduate students. Other responsibilities include submitting the application for the Head Grant to the UTGSU and picking up the cheque at a later date.

 2 Ombudspersons (one male and one female)- The primary responsibility of the ombudsperson is to be available as a resource and advocate for students if issues arise within the department, and to assist students with conflicts involving other members of the department or the administration. The ombudsperson also organizes or assists with the organization and execution of a variety of social, academic, or professional events.

 1 UTSC Representative– As the UTSC Rep, you encourage and provide opportunity for open communication with the students in the CSB department at the UTSC campus and hear their concerns and any ideas they may have that could benefit the CSB student body as a whole. You role is then to bring this input to CSBGU meetings and serve as the voice of UTSC at these meetings. Your role is to bridge the gap between CSB grad students at the main campus of UofT and the Scarborough satellite campus.

  1 UTM Representative– Responsible for representing the CSB students of the Mississauga campus and serving as a liaison between CSBGU and Mississauga campus students.

 1 IT-Director– Responsible for keeping the CSBGU website and facebook page up to date as well as any other relevant information through e-communication.

 2 First Year Representatives- Responsible for representing those early in their MSc or PhD program at the CSB department.

 2 Career and Professional Development Officers– Responsible for organizing at least one career development seminar.

 1 Fundraising Officer– Fundraising Officer’s main role is to collect donations for the annual CSB holiday party raffle. It is important to encourage members from the CSBGU to collect donations as this task cannot be accomplished by just one person. Rest of the duties include drawing raffles/handing out gifts and helping other CSBGU events out.

1 Sports Coordinator – As Sports Coordinator, you will be responsible for organizing intramural teams to represent the CSB department in sports such as soccer and volleyball. Additionally, you will be responsible for organizing a sports event for the department.

The CSBGU is primarily responsible for organizing the various events that the CSB holds: pub nights, BBQs, etc., and in addition to the written responsibilities of each position, each exec member will be responsible for hosting at least one of these events.

If you are interested or have questions, you have until Wednesday July 12th to send an email indicating up to three positions (numbered in order of preference) you would be interested in holding to either of us at:





Important rules for the election, and holding a position on the CSBGU:

The deadline for expressing interest in a position is Wednesday July 12th. Nominations will not be accepted after this date. If you are away during the nomination period, you can have a friend nominate you.

If more than one person is interested in a position, then an election will be held. We will inform you if this is the case. You will have one week to campaign, from Monday July 24th to Friday July 28th. You will be required to send in a short paragraph about yourself explaining why you should be elected, that will be posted on the CSBGU website. Voting will commence the following week from July 31st – August 4th, and will be done online.

As of September 2015, you will now only be allowed to serve on the CSBGU in any position for 3 years maximum. This time limit will exist for the duration of your degree or time spent in the CSB department as a graduate student. However, if a position remains vacant following the end of a nomination period, the 3 year rule will be waived (if you have reached the 3 year maximum already).

For more information you can refer to our website: https://csbgu.csb.utoronto.ca/




Afif Aqrabawi & Jennifer Doucet

CSBGU Co-Presidents

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