CSB Female Graduate Student Mentorship: Unconscious Bias and Challenges to Fair Assessment

The female graduate student mentorship series, is where CSB graduate students and post-docs get a chance to meet female professors and discuss anything related to their careers.

We had a great first session in January where we met and heard from some of our faculty about their experiences in graduate school, during their post docs and as they searched for faculty positions which led them to CSB. A special thanks to Dr. Woodin for organizing this series and to Professors Keiko Yoshioka, Ashley Bruce, and Jennifer Mitchell for sharing their experiences and advice with us.

Based on your feedback, we are addressing the topic of Unconscious Bias and Challenges to Fair Assessment at our next meeting, which is happening on Thursday, March 2nd, 12:30-1pm at the Grad Room. Everyone is welcome to join! Bring your lunches, questions and any ideas you have for future topics.

Farah Al-Dajani


Unconscious Bias Poster